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Bare Roots
Contract Growing
Wholesale Service

Here at Trees Outlet we now provide bulk bare root trees and contract growing services. As we continue to stock thousands of trees ready for pick up or delivery, now we can help you grow for next season.

Call: (916)254-8789

Email: Sales  

contract growing nursery.jpg

Some of our Trees

Trees Outlet has a large selection of trees in stock ready for pick up or delivery.

This is just a couple rows at our nursery

20201230_095422 (2).jpg

Citrus Trees



Olive Trees

Olive Trees


More Citrus Trees



More Olive Trees

Olive Trees


Even more Citrus Trees

Yup, we have a lot of trees!


Yup, even more Olive.

Just come see. 


Do we have a lot of trees? Yes we have over ten thousand trees in stock.

Do we deliver? Yes our growing fleet of delivery trucks service Northern, Central California, Reno, and Tahoe.

Do we sell in bulk? Yes, contact us for special pricing on volume orders and bare roots. 

Return and warranty policy.


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