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Trees Outlet respects the privacy of visitors to our website and the privacy of our customers. We take your privacy seriously. We will not collect personal information about any visitor to our website, unless the visitor is made aware that we are collecting such information. We ensure that any information that is collected is collected in a secure and safe encrypted manner. You have a right to know what information we are collecting, and for what purposes. Any questions regarding our use of your data, or requests to remove any data we may hold, can be directed to Data Compliance Officer via our Contact Us page.

Currently, we would collect personal information as a part of our sales process for the following reasons:

We receive and store certain types of activity whenever you interact with us.

  • Website Usage: We track our customers’ usage of our website for the purposes of improving the user experience and satisfaction with our store. This usage is ambiguous and is not linked to a specific individual customer.

  • Product Purchase: We will use your information ONLY to process your order, ship your order, answer questions about products, and advise you of other product related information.

  • Customer Service: We may utilize customer, mailing address, email address and phone information for the purposes of contacting and responding to customer service issues.

  • Promotional Material/Specials: We will use your information ONLY to email you promotions/specials that we may be offering from time to time.

We would/will collect the following kinds of information:
Your name, address, email address, phone number(s), credit card number and/or billing information. This information is used ONLY to process your order, charge your debit/credit card for payment and ship your order.

We will not make personal information available to outside organizations.

When requested, we will remove you from our email list or mailing list and/or purge your information from our systems. Please direct your requests to the attention of our Data Compliance Officer via our Contact Us page.

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